Award-Winning Design of Ant Boy Robot

Chicago, IL, May 15, 2022 - Ant Robotics is proud to announce that it received the bronze winner's award for design of its self-driven autonomous moving unit, called Ant Boy, in annual A'Design competition (Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design Category). The design was created by Mikhail Chistiakov, an industrial designer holding multiple professional awards.
A'Design is a freestyle competition open to open to all; concept stage, prototype or finished robotics products and automation solutions by professional and young designers, R&D centers, researchers, engineers, robotics experts, research and development institutions, and high-tech industry companies worldwide.
The Jury is composed of both Academic and Professional participants worldwide, such as chief executive officers or head designers of companies and faculty heads or professors. In addition, the A' Award features the focus group jury, which is composed of ordinary people to normalize the scoring by eliminating the bias on aesthetics and form sections, the votes of Professional, Academic and the Focus Group are weighted to determine the final result.
“We pay a lot of attention to visual and aesthetic components of our product”, said Max Antonenko, Ant Robotics co-founder and CEO. “Every day, technical progress brings more robotic equipment into our life and work. The robots are becoming more autonomous and sophisticated, and require less supervision than before. It is important that people feel comfortable working with robots. This is why we designed our Ant Boy to awake positive emotions in workers using it. In turn, we believe this will help to raise confidence, improve productivity and safety at workplaces.”

About Ant Robotics

Ant Robotics develops cutting edge solutions for automated material handling, which includes robotic moving units and software system to orchestrate robotic transportation fleets. Ant Robotics uses innovative technologies to make its products fit into complex, frequently-changing manufacturing environments. This allows manufacturing companies to save up to 40% of their material handling costs. Find out more at
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