Ant Robotics Launches Ant Tracking™ service

Chicago, IL, November-30-2022 – Ant Robotics, Inc., the provider of robotic material handling solutions, extends its line of products with the analytical service to assess performance of material handling processes at manufacturing facilities.
The service, branded Ant Tracking™, allows owners and top managers of plants, factories, and manufacturing businesses, to precisely track usage of their material handling equipment, such as hand trucks, dollies, trolleys, carts, and forklifts.
The solution is based on sensors installed on rolling units to record their movements. The data, collected over one or two weeks, is then mapped to floor plans and analyzed using sophisticated math. As the result, the customer obtains complete understanding of moving routes, patterns, and utilization of equipment. Finally, the analysis by Ant Robotics’ experts delivers insights on personnel involvement and cost of material handling at the plant.
“Any decisions related to operational changes should be based on metrics and facts”, said Alexander Sambuk, Ant Robotics Co-founder & CBDO. “Material handling processes remain among the least measured; lack of reliable metrics forces you to ‘manage intuitively’; furthermore, with no data on the table, you will likely avoid serious decisions that have significant cost saving potential. Our Ant Tracking™ analytic solution closes this gap. From now on, each manufacturer can obtain data to approach optimization and automation initiatives in knowledgeable, conscious way.”
Besides source data and comprehensive charts, Ant Robotics’ also delivers you an executive summary of key observations and recommendations. Find out more and request a demo here.

About Ant Robotics

Ant Robotics Inc. develops cutting-edge solutions for automated material handling, which includes robotic moving units and software systems to orchestrate robotic transportation fleets. Ant Robotics uses innovative technologies to make its products fit into complex, frequently-changing manufacturing environments. This allows manufacturing companies to save up to 40% of their material handling costs. Find out more at
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