Ant Robotics Is Named among Top Startups in Intralogistics

Chicago, IL, July 5, 2022 - StartUs Insights named Ant Robotics among 5 top intralogistics startups impacting manufacturing. Together with other nominees, Ant Robotics was selected from a long list of 498. The set of international selectees also features startups from Poland, Massachusetts, India, and Germany.
StartUs Insights is a data hub and intelligence platform, covering over 2 million startups and scaleups globally, which enables its clients to quickly and continuously identify new startups, scaleups and technologies of interest.
"The Global Startup Heat Map ... reveals the geographical distribution of 498 exemplary startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Further, it highlights five manufacturing startups that we hand-picked based on scouting criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more", the cover article explains . "[Ant Robotics] robot, Ant Boy, performs indoor transportation of heavy tools, materials, machine parts, and scraps. The startup‘s other product, Ant Handle, automates traditional pallet jacks movement. Thus, Ant Robotics reduces production costs by automating intralogistics tasks and accomplishing them more safely and efficiently."
“It is exciting to see our company among top 1% of startups tackling intralogistics and material handling challenges”, said Max Antonenko, Ant Robotics co-founder and CEO. “We work to provide our clients with material handling solutions that are affordable, easy to roll out and operate. Our combination of robotic vehicle, proprietary coupling device for manual pallet trucks, and robotic fleet orchestration software system makes up the turnkey solution for any manufacturing facility. We believe that factor played the major role in nominee selection process, and I thank StartUs Insights for this honor.”

About Ant Robotics

Ant Robotics develops cutting edge solutions for automated material handling, which includes robotic moving units and software system to orchestrate robotic transportation fleets. Ant Robotics uses innovative technologies to make its products fit into complex, frequently-changing manufacturing environments. This allows manufacturing companies to save up to 40% of their material handling costs. Find out more at
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