Ant Robotics closes two investment deals, a mark of trust from the private capital

The deals came one after another, within a one-week interval. Anna Barmenkova, of Virginia, and the other investor, of California (name is not disclosed), share the vision of robotic transportation as the one of today’s most favorable investment targets.
"Manufacturing industry still has a long way to go with automation", investor Anna Barmenkova said. "Ant Robotics is closing this gap by delivering American manufacturers breakthrough robotic solutions, which has the great market potential. This is why my decision to invest into Ant Robotics is so natural."
“We see all private investments as the sign of outstanding trust”, said Max Antonenko, Ant Robotics co-founder and CEO. “We know that private investors have a lot of choice, and we appreciate their decisions. We are passionate about our work, and we always make sure to use the funds in most efficient way to ensure best profits for our investors.”
Ant Robotics will use the raised money for further product development of its Ant Boy industrial transport robot.

About Ant Robotics

Ant Robotics develops cutting edge solutions for automated material handling, which includes robotic moving units and software system to orchestrate robotic transportation fleets. Ant Robotics uses innovative technologies to make its products fit into complex, frequently-changing manufacturing environments. This allows manufacturing companies to save up to 40% of their material handling costs. Find out more at
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