Ant Robotics Completed Material Handling Study Project

Chicago, IL, April-4-2023 – Ant Robotics, Inc., the provider of robotic material handling solutions, completed the analytical study project to assess performance of material handling processes at Danville Metal Stamping in Danville, IL.
Ant Robotics offers its service, branded Ant Tracking™, to manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse businesses. The service is designed to track material handling equipment, such as hand trucks, dollies, trolleys, carts, and forklifts. It assesses intensity and patterns of usage of rolling stock, which directly translates to personnel effort. This, in turn, allows Ant Robotics' clients to estimate cost of material handling, and, subsequently, provide them with valuable facts essential for improvement initiatives.
During a 4-week project with Danville Metal Stamping, Ant Robotics collected more than 30 million elementary data points that reflected movements of nearly 20 forklifts, pallet trucks, and hand dollies. Ant Robotics then reviewed this data to ensure its reliability and representativeness, following with advanced analysis to determine times and routes of movements, and distance traveled.
As the key result of the study, Ant Robotics provided its client, Danville Metal Stamping, with comprehensive executive summary, observations, and suggestions backed with over 1100 charts and nearly 1500 trips. and understanding of moving routes, patterns, and utilization of equipment. Finally, the analysis by Ant Robotics’ experts delivers insights on personnel involvement and cost of material handling at the plant. ---based on sensors installed on rolling units to record their movements---
"Material handling operations will inevitably become more automated; robotic solutions are already on their way to factories and plants", said Alexander Sambuk, Ant Robotics Co-founder & CBDO. "It is important that our clients have all the data they need to plan for improvements, knowledgeably allocate innovation budgets and confidently expect return on investments. With our Ant Tracking™ analytic solution, each and every manufacturer gets additional potential to overcome their competition."

About Ant Robotics

Ant Robotics Inc. develops cutting-edge solutions for automated material handling, which includes robotic moving units and software systems to orchestrate robotic transportation fleets. Ant Robotics uses innovative technologies to make its products fit into complex, frequently-changing manufacturing environments. This allows manufacturing companies to save up to 80% of their material handling labor costs. Find out more at

About Danville Metal Stamping

Originated in 1946 and incorporated in 1948, Danville Metal Stamping Co., Inc., has grown from a three-person shop producing straightforward stampings to a 450-person company producing a variety of metal components for the aerospace and gas turbine industries. Companies such as Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Siemens Westinghouse, and Rolls-Royce depend upon Danville Metal for a variety of gas turbine and aerospace hardware. Find out more at
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